With the act of play, we can help encourage, collaborate and empower others
to build on our their own creativity and confidence. 

Find your spark
Help improve idea generation and lateral thinking, so we can push an idea away from the literal to the
unexpected.  A series of idea generation techniques can be explored to help with this process.
Act of doing
A chance to reset, get away from the computer and help find that creative spark. 
Whether it‘s a zine workshop, creating a typeface out of materials/objects, or creating abstract
compositions using collage.
A series of projects that highlights the importance of encouraging people to collaborate.
This act of throwing people together to create something always leads to interesting results. 

I have a proven record of helping experienced designers create more unique outcomes through
the use of play. I will help creatives discover their own unique approach, step out of their
comfort zone and develop more lateral and curious thinking. 

let's connect and find your spark!

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